Private Catching Lessons

Get To The Next Level With Our Catching Lesson Packages!

Proper mechanics and mental makeup are the keys to getting to the ‘next level’. Whether you’re preparing for the jump from minor little league to the majors in little league or from youth baseball to high school ball, Arizona World of Baseball can serve the serious college and high school player as well as the beginner.

Our pitching staff consists of former college and professional catchers with expertise in catching mechanics. Our methodology helps the student understand what proper mechanics can do for his success. This approach will help the catcher avoid major injuries while strengthening the arm and improve overall catching performance, giving the student confidence and consistency behind the plate.

Here are the areas that we emphasize through private instruction:

  • How to Receive a Pitch
  • How to Throw Out A Runner
  • Transitioning to a Throw
  • Approach
  • Mental and Physical Toughness

Our Professional Catching Lessons are suitable for athletes at all levels and consist of 30 minute, one-on-one sessions with our professional instructors.


  • 1 Lesson – $50
  • 3 Lessons – $150
  • 5 Lessons – $225
  • 10 Lessons – $400

* Members receive a 10% discount

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